Elder Tanner Brooksby

Elder Tanner Brooksby
Rancho Cucamunga California Mission is getting one great missionary! Tanner has chosen to serve the Lord by giving 2 years of his life to dedicate his heart to testifying of the Savior. Thank You Elder Brooksby! We are so proud of you.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twenty-Two Graves, The Old World Is Dying 1/30/17


That's depressing.

I bet you're all wondering why the title is so tragic and sad! Well, there is a very good reason for that, and I will explain it in detail.

No, there is too much. I will sum it up. Her follows a short obituary of everything that is dying this week!

1. R.I.P the nerd zone. Or, in laymans terms, transfers.

So our zone is/was made up of the most nerdy missionaries out in the field :) And I mean Magic: The Gathering on the daily, Dungeons and Dragons going down on P-day, and just generally nerdly conversations at ALL TIMES. It was truly a glorious era of innovation.

But no longer.

When transfers came sweeping round, literally all of the outgoing nerds got punted and replaced by the most testosterone-fueled missionaries in the whole mission :D Needless to say, we are probably going to be sportsing pretty hard now, which brings us to our next death!

2. Me.

I kid, I kid! I'm not dying anytime soon :D Though I did realize a little while ago that I've been out here for six months now, which was odd. Ladies and gentlemen, don't let time slip away. I have a testimony that the length of our lives is no accident. We are here for a reason, and that is to grow and love God more than ever before, and every minute we spend here is a gift. Use it wisely :D Anywhoo, another death, one that has been heralded by those greater than me, Laura and Sierra!

3. The old schedule/key indicators

I'm not gonna rag a whole lot on this one cause it's been covered before, suffice to say that the change to the schedule is so that missionaries stop working themselves to death! In fact, when all is said and done, we lost a half hour of proselyting time a day, proving that sometimes it's better to take a step back and make sure you're mentally and physically ready for something before you jump right in :)

On a more serious note, there was an actual death over here. An older woman in my ward who was medically less-active passed away this last week. We visited her pretty regularly, and It made me sad to know that she had moved on. However, now she is not plagued by Alsehimers, so that's a true blessing!
The point I wanted to bring up with her was that not effort is wasted in the church. Before she dies she was visited by home teachers, visiting teachers, and others who all helped her through this. It made me so glad to know that our Heavenly Father has put things like that in place so that we are never forgotten :)

Well, that about wraps up the funerals! Hopefully I don't see anymore in the near future, except SINS!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! BUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

I love you all! Please don't buy soda if the cap is off! Also, why does everyone give the missionaries the inedible food??? As much as I love cigarette ash covered spaghetti...

See you all just around the river bend!
I'll send an inspiring roar in your direction when I next get the chance!
Until next flower-filled glade of a Monday :)
Elder Brooksby the III

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