Elder Tanner Brooksby

Elder Tanner Brooksby
Rancho Cucamunga California Mission is getting one great missionary! Tanner has chosen to serve the Lord by giving 2 years of his life to dedicate his heart to testifying of the Savior. Thank You Elder Brooksby! We are so proud of you.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Twentieth Beginning 1/3/17

I say that because not only is it the start of the new year, but also BECAUSE I'M BEGINNING MY TWENTIETH EMAIL! (Didja get it? :D It's a funny little joke.)

Hello to you all! And to you small! And to you tall! And to that wall! (Well, actually, that wall still owes me money, so he's not allowed to read this.)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! (Except the wall for obvious reasons) Hopefully you all didn't eat too much and throw up or something, because that would be pretty bad. But if you did, at least you have a cool story!

My Christmas was pretty ordinary? I question it because I'm really not sure what counts as an ordinary missionary Christmas. We opened presents, I called my family, went to church, (Investigator was there, awesome!!!), and ate a lot of food. The problem is, I only have one more Christmas to be able to tell if this one was ordinary or not. Who knows?!?!?!

I'm trying to remember what happened these past two weeks, but the only things that are coming to mind are either boring or too exciting to share! Well, not that exciting. Hmm... 

I went on an exchange! Twas with Elderen Kelly, who has been out here for a little over a month now. It was really interesting because I was thrown back a few moths ago to my trainee days. It was a wild exchange because Elder Kelly lives in the Mojave Mansion, which is actually just a house members rent out to the church for missionaries, but hey, the rest of us live in apartments, so it counts! I wen't to bed late that night, and I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. I value sleep too highly to throw it away like that...

You know what's weird? I'm currently in the midst of my 6th month out here. I'm nearly a 1/4th of the way through already. I'M FREAKING OUT. THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME.

Momma', yall are gonna be proud of your ol' son! Because I have to attend a 7 hour long meeting on Thursday that normally only missionary leadership go to, but because I was "luckly" drawn from a pile of names, I "get" to go as well. It has a lot to do with the new year and the mission department and stuff like that. I'm obviously VERY EXCITED to spent 7 hours sitting in one place and not proselyting, but I guess it's a test of patience! Pray for me! Oh, though I will be able to see my trainer, Elder Croft, again. That'll be pretty cool :D

Okay, so I'm tired as heck because of various struggle-bus related things that are happening down here, so I'm gonna sign off with this quick note:

1. Don't forget Christ.

Seriously! Christmas is over, but there is no reason we should be thinking of Him any less :D

I love you all! Sorry I didn't email last week! Life continues after the holidays!
Don't go tasting any crazy New Years stuff!
Elder Brooksby the III 

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