Elder Tanner Brooksby

Elder Tanner Brooksby
Rancho Cucamunga California Mission is getting one great missionary! Tanner has chosen to serve the Lord by giving 2 years of his life to dedicate his heart to testifying of the Savior. Thank You Elder Brooksby! We are so proud of you.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Fifth Chapter Dawns 9/5/16

In a strange coincidence, California has been unusually chilly lately.

Welcome to today's show!!!

This past week has been marked by a few interesting events. I will go into them in detail!

First event! Exchanges, or, as I like to call them, mission sleepovers.
Because Elder Croft is District Leader and has to go on exchanges with every elder in our district, I ALSO go on exchanges with every elder in our district. It was loads of fun! I went on two this week, one with Elder Howder, an elder from Oregon with 3 months left before he hits the road back home, and one with Elder Gustaveson, a 4 month out greenie from Pleasant Grove Utah ;)
Elder Howder covers the Ontario Tongan Ward in a car, so his area is HUGE. It goes outside the mission at some points, and is pretty much just wherever there are Tongans to teach. The area is also very active at the moment, so we taught 5 lessons that day! I also taught the Restoration for the first time! One of the lessons was in Tongan, so I just smiled and nodded a lot :)
It was an odd change to go to an area where there were actual plans and things. Normally me and Elder Croft just put "Find" in big letters across the whole planner ;D I kid, it's not quite that bad :)
The exchange with Elder Gustaveson was fun too! Their area is also doing pretty well, but they bike, so it was a little more like home :D
I was still oddly glad after both to get back to my slow little area with our grand total of zero investigators. It may be a little broken, but it's still mine, and it's still where the Lord wants me!
The second event was Labor Day, which was also P-Day, which is why I'm E-mailing today instead of yesterday.
It went as normal P-Days go, and then we visited our ward mission leaders house to eat dinner. A little while after the food was finished, lo and behold! Uno appeared and the card duels began.
Long story short, Elder Croft is FAR too good at Uno, and I am not as good as I used to be :D I won one round out of countless rounds, but it was still awesome! It brought back a lot of fond memories. 
As we were getting ready to leave, our ward mission leaders mom stopped me and thanked me for something I'd said to her on Sunday. I didn't remember what I'd said, so she explained that she'd been sitting there, talking to a friend about how going to church was hard sometimes but how she needed to renew her covenants and repent. I had been listening and then said something to the effect of, "You, Sister Negrete???" She said that it had really made her feel good and she'd thought about it throughout the day.
It really made me think. Like the hymn says, "We are sowing, always sowing, countless seeds of good and ill." If we are kind and seek to love others, our good deeds will be remembered by those we don't even see. Same for our bad examples, unfortunately. So! Whenever you make a choice, no matter how small, remember that people are watching, and they remember. So make your legacy a legacy of love :)

I taught a training in District Meeting today! It was on having faith in God's plans, something that I've learned a lot about recently :D

For all those that are wondering, Elder Croft is from Idaho, from a little town nearby Idaho Falls, and he is really super passive and chill. It's been really great because he has me make a lot of the decisions during the day, so I'm learning to be decisive!

In closing, I would just like to say that God is awesome. He loves us so much that He's willing to let us experience hardships, and by so doing, help us grow. I know that that is true, and if you still aren't sure that where you are is where God wants you, go to Him in prayer. It's a one way ticket to an answer, as long as you are living worthy of one, and that is what you truly need :)

I love all of you little squidlings!
See you later,
Elder Brooksby the III

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