Elder Tanner Brooksby

Elder Tanner Brooksby
Rancho Cucamunga California Mission is getting one great missionary! Tanner has chosen to serve the Lord by giving 2 years of his life to dedicate his heart to testifying of the Savior. Thank You Elder Brooksby! We are so proud of you.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

It Was A Dark And Stormy Fifteen... 11/21/16

Pisst! *A dark figure beckons you over to an even darker alleyway and hands you a scroll from underneath his really, really dark cloak. As soon as the darkened parchment is in your hand, the figure leaps into a substantially dark doorway and vanishes from sight in the dark darkness. You unroll the scroll and read...*

"To whom it may concern, and it definitely concerns YOU, you are invited to a banquet of knowledge hosted by the roguish and charming prince of Rancho Cucamonga castle, Elder Brooksby!"

Welcome to the banquet, madams and sirs! Tis I, Elder Brooksby!

Let me just start off by saying that this last week was pretty cool. I say that because I don't actually remember what happened, so I'm assuming it was pleasurable! Here, munch on some appetizers while I attempt to recall the past!

Dish one! A story of goodness and light! We were at dinner with a elderly member of our ward, and we were just wrapping up the message and getting ready to pay when the waitress came back and said something that I only thought happened in movies. Someone, we don't know who, had paid our bill for us! We looked around for anyone we knew, but to no avail, for they had speedily departed... But it gives me a little more faith in the world :)

Dish two! Elder Croft is District Leader, and that means that he gives the baptismal interview for anyone in the district that's having a baptism. So! I got to go with him to Chino to interview a really awesome young girl who is getting baptized soon! It was really grand to see her so excited :D

Okay, I think I have a vague idea of a few things that were cool this week now. 

We had a six hour long meeting this last Thursday! It was about working with members, so a bunch of members spoke about what missionary work meant to them. Twas fun! I doodled all the way through it! (Don't worry, I payed attention WHILE I doodled)

We also got to meet with a buncha' people we don't normally, so that was super amazing as well :)

Now for a spiritual dessert to top off this informative meal! It's a cool hash of faith topped with a light drizzle of the Holy Spirit.

So I've been having a lot of issues with worries lately, and I'm sure you all know that one of the for sure best way to DEFINITELY help solve ANY PROBLEM is to worry about it, right??? Well it's not. That's why we eat dessert.

I realized a little while ago that worries are pretty much poison in a goblet at a fancy banquet. *Cough cough* They give you something to hold on to, and they may taste nice to indulge in, but they just end up with you dead and a succession crisis because nobody knows who your firstborn child was.

To combat poison such as that, I use faith! Because faith and worries cannot exist together, I rob myself of faith when I worry. So I decided that instead of freaking out, I'd faith out instead. Just go with the flow and be happy knowing that as long as I'M living righteously, God will take care of the rest :)

Also, we are ENTITLED to the Holy Spirit when we are being righteous. No ifs, ands, or buts! We just are! It's a promise that God gave us when we were baptized, and I like God's promises because He's perfect so that means he won't break em'! So don't worry, and fight fears with faith!

Before you all finish your dessert though, there's something you must know... *Elder Brooksby pulls his cloak off, revealing that- "GASP!" He is none other that dashing and sly Master Thief Elder Brooksby!*

I hope you all enjoyed this marvelous dinner as much as I enjoyed stealing all of your valuables! Better luck next time!!! *Master Thief Elder Brooksby laughs triumphantly and jumps out the wide palace widows, catching hold of a zip cord and disappearing into the stormy city night...*

I love you all a lot more than gold, though! So next time a dark message is delivered, be sure to answer!
Don't drink the wine!
Elder Brooksby the III

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